Arm Cortex A76AE Model


The Arm Cortex-A76AE brings the highest levels of safety with Split-Lock capability which includes the ability for Dual Core Lock-Step (DCLS), while delivering uncompromising performance and thermal efficiency. It is the processor of choice for next generation Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving systems.

The Cortex-A76AE core model includes the DynamIQ Shared Unit (DSU-AE). It also implements the Armv8-A architecture with support for the Armv8.2 extension, including the RAS extension, and the dot product instructions introduced in the Armv8.4 extension.

DSU-AE r0p0-00eac0 supports A76AE r0p0-00eac0.

SystemC ModelSynopsys PARequest Config
Cortex A76AE SystemC Model
Description The Cortex A76AE model is compiled directly from Arm register transfer level (RTL) code and maintains 100% functional accuracy. The model integrates directly into any IEEE 1666 compliant SystemC environment.
Special Note The Cycle Models Package contains a model with signal level SystemC wrappers. You can download CPAKs from Arm System Exchange. For more information refer to the SystemC Cycle Model User Guide.
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Revisions r0p0

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